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ARTISTAS PARTICIPANTES Primera edición: del 1 al 30 de Junio 2010, Buenos Aires
  PARTICIPANT ARTISTS   First edition: from the 1st to the 30th of June 2010, Buenos Aires
ASSAF GRUBER - Israel, vive en Bélgica
EUGENIA IVANISSEVICH-Argentina, Vive en Londres
KAREN SKOG - Noruega
LUCIO DORR - Argentina
MÁXIMO GONZÁLEZ - Argentina, vive en México
PABLO GUIOT - Argentina
Obra Phelan - Artista Participante - Residencias de Arte URRA URRA en Argentina   Obra Phelan - Artista Participante - Residencias de Arte URRA URRA en Argentina  
Obra Phelan - Artista Participante - Residencias de Arte URRA URRA en Argentina


Dublin, Ireland, 1968
Lives and works in Dublin, Ireland 


Studio Address: Broadstone Studios #7, Dublin
Represented by mother's tankstation, Dublin: www.motherstankstation.com


1994, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA. Master of Fine Arts (Imaging Arts, Photography).
1989, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin. Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies).
1996, George Eastman House, Rochester, New York Certificate in Photographic Preservation and Archival Studies.

Solo Exhibitions and Projects

2009, "Fragile Absolutes", Chapter, Cardiff, Wales. "Fragile Absolutes", Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin with sculpture commission in the Formal Gardens.
2009, "Ciao No More", Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise.
2007, "Ralph Eamon Odo Barbara", mother's tankstation, Dublin.
2006, "Bio Bits", The Lab, Dublin.
2006, "Fading Fast" and “The Second Gordon Bennett Memorial Show & Shine - Modified Car Event", Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland.
2005, "GB and the Western World", Galway Arts Centre, Galway and Letterkenny Arts Centre, Donegal.
2004, "newtownwhowhatwhere?", DCMNR broadband commission www.broadbandart.ie.
2004, "Gordon-Bennett", Grennan Mill, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Thomastown, Kilkenny.
2003-4, "newtownwhowhatwhere? archive", Tulca Festival of Visual Arts", Galway Arts Centre, Galway.
2001, "Three Stories", South Dublin County Council and Artworking, "in context" public art project.
2000, "Enthalpic Everything", Limerick City Gallery, Limerick.
2000, "Enthalpic Pleasures", Triskel, Cork.
1998, "Self-Rescue Mechanism", Arthouse, Dublin, with Jim Dingilian.
1994, "Behind and Ahead", SPAS Photo Gallery, RIT, Rochester, New York.
1993, "Egon and Ireland", Gallery of Photography, Essex Street, Dublin.

Selected Group Exhibitions and Projects

2009, "Snakes and Ladders", curated by Daniel Figgis, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin; Wexford Opera House, Wexford; and Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Peter Norton Symphony Space, Broadway, New York .
2009, "Traces: IMMA limited Editions", Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
2009, "Dennis Farrell", curated exhibition at US Ambassadors Residence, Phoenix Park, Dublin.
2009, "Additions 2009", National Self-Portrait Collection, Vincent Bourne Gallery, University of Limerick.
2009, "Pecha Kucha Night", The Irish Architecture Foundation, Sugar Club, Dublin.
2009, "Reading the City", EV+A curated by Angelika Nollert and Yilmaz Dziewior, Hunt Museum, Limerick.
2008, "Shuffle", "I-Podism: Cultural Promiscuity in the Age of Consumption", curated by George Bolster, Tulca, Galway.
2008, "The Space In Between", curated by Fiona Mulholland, Basement Gallery, Dundalk.
2008, "Fifteen Fragile Absolutes", The Process Room, part of the Artist's Residency Programme, IMMA, Dublin.
2008, "Concourse Offsite", curated by Claire Power and Carolyn Browne, DLR, Blackrock Park, Dublin
2008, "Points of View - In Transition", curated by Ciaran Bennett, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan.
2007, "The Art World", Feinkost, Berlin.
2007, "Platform II: Dis-[re]-place", curated by Niamh Smyth, Knockbride House, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan.
2007, "Pilot:3 - live archive for artists and curators", Venice Biennale, collateral event.
2007, "inter-changes", Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park, Dublin and Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda.
2007, "Oh show me your beauty when the witnesses have gone", curated by Noel Kelly, ŠKUC, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2007, "Artist Exchange: process, practice and the audience, ResCen and Create", Soho Theatre, London.
2006, "X-mas the spot", curated by Nevan Lahart, Driaocht, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin.
2006, "Seconds: the imperfect artwork", invited by Aileen Lambert, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford.
2006, "The Square Root of Drawing", Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin.
2006, "Fresh: reimagining the collection", curated by Pippa Little, LCGA, Limerick and West Cork AC, Skibbereen.
2006, "Mother's Ruin", curated by Finola Jones, mother's tankstation, Dublin.
2006, "Test Pieces and Blend-in Moments", curated by Sandra Grozdanic, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
2005, "Fused", "Gordon Bennett Sound Off", South Dublin County Hall, Dublin.
2005, "Another Monumental Metaphor", Printed Project, issue 5, editor/curator (launched at the 51st Venice Biennale).
2005, "Strata", curated by Ann Mulrooney and Tim Davis, Kells, Ireland and Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales.
2005, "Felons", Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin (artist-curated project).
2004, "Thinking of Ideas", Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast.
2004, "Small: The Object in Film, Video and Slide Installation", Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.
2004, "No Respect", Dublin, public art exhibition co-curated with Jane Speller, various locations Dublin city.
2004, "Country", curated by Noel Kelly, Equrna Gallery, Ljubjana, Slovenia.
2004, "Imagine Limerick", EV+A, curated by Zdenka Badovinac, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick.
2003, "Appendiks 1", Thiemers magasin, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2003, "Painting without Numbers", Cluain Mhuire, Galway Arts Festival, Galway.
2003, "The National Gallery", The Return, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, Dublin.
2003, "Affinity Archive", The Metropolitan Complex, Broadstone Studios, Dublin.
2003, "Permaculture", curated by Grant Watson and Vaari Claffey, Project, Dublin.
2002, "Crawford Open 3", Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork.
2002, "Perspective 2002", Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast.
2002, "Love 2 Love", Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
2002, "Fabulations of Form", curated by Sarah Pierce, Arthouse, Dublin.
2001, "Stand Fast Dick and Jane", Project, Dublin. Co-curated with Tom Keogh.
2001, "Intermedia", Triskel, Anglesey Street Garda Station, Cork.
2000, "Absolutonic", Sculptors' Society of Ireland, Dublin.
1999, "Freeze II", curated by Anya von Gösseln, Arthouse, Dublin.
1999, "Sculpture in Context", Irish Management Institute, Dublin.
1999, "Office for Contemporary Art", Paul Kane Gallery, Dublin.
1998, "EV+A", juror Paul O'Reilly, Gaeltacht Cleaners, O'Connell St., Limerick.
1998, "Art/Exchange Fair", New York, USA.
1998, "Excellent Dynamite", Pallas Studios, Foley Street, Dublin.
1997, "Quadrant '97", curated by Caomhín Mac Giolla Léith, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick.
1997, "SSI/Ireland and Europe: International Visual Art Event", Iveagh Gardens, Dublin.
1996, "Artist Garden Project", Highland Park, Rochester, New York, USA.
1996, "ACA presents", Tea House Gallery, Rochester, New York, USA.
1995, "Project X: Boundaries", Pyramid Arts Centre, Village Gate Square and the Mall at Greece Ridge Center, Rochester, New York, USA. Co-curated with Alex Miokovic.
1995, "Alternatives '95: Zenophobia", jurors Doug Ischar and Kaucylia Brooke, Ohio University, USA.
1995, "Alien Artists II", Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA.
1995, "Fragile Landscapes", Centre for Photography at Woodstock, New York, USA.
1995, "Signal", Bug Jar, Rochester, New York, USA.
1994, "Small World-Small Works", Galerie + Edition CAOC, Berlin, Germany.
1994, "EV+A", curated by Jan Hoet, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick.


2009, Charta and IMMA, "Fragile Absolutes", texts by Dusan I Bjelic, Seán Kissane, Medb Ruane and Tony White with a foreword by Enrique Juncosa.
2008, Solstice Arts Centre, "Points of View - In Transition", essay by Ciaran Bennett.
2007, mother's tankstation, "Mother's Annual", essay by Chris Fite-Wassilak.
2006, LCGA, "Fresh: reimagining the collection", essay by Pippa Little.
2006, mother's tankstation, "Mother's Annual", essays by Sarah Pierce and Alan Phelan.
2005, Tulca/GAC/MCAC/APN, "Bio", with texts by David Godbold, Jeanette Doyle, Cherry Smyth, Gemma Tipton, Mick Wilson, Sarah Pierce, Henriette Huldisch, Nataša Petrešin, Enda Leaney, Maria Fusco and Ciarán Bennett.
2005, RHA, "Felons", catalogue with texts by Alan Phelan, Michel Peillon and Pelin Tan.
2004, No Respect, "No Respect", essay by Cherry Smyth, catalogue brochure.
2004, LCGA, "EV+A 2004 - Imagine Limerick", "Imagine Curating", texts pp.162-171.
2003, CMGA, "Crawford Open 1-4", p.234-235.
2002, R4 Publishing, "Enthalpic Whatever", essays by Ciarán Bennett and Lucie Foley.
2002, SDCC, "In Context", SDCC and Artworking. Essay by Mick Wilson.
2001, OutArt, "Stand Fast Dick & Jane", introduction essay, text by Nayland Blake.


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Writing and Publications

Feb, 2010, Circa on-line, "Fun Friendship and Maybe More" Padraig Robinson, Monster Truck, review.
Winter, 2009, a-n magazine, "Of Men and Mountains" Aoife Cassidy and Anita Delaney, PCP, review.
2009, Fire Station, "Fireside Conversations", "Spaces for Artists", essay
2009, Arts Council, Various short texts for www.publicart.ie
2008, Printed Project 10, "Tatianna was nowhere to be found", text. Edited by Lolita Jablonskiene.
2008, Ground Up, "Knowing that audience is not enough", essay.
2008, PILOT, "PILOT: third edition of critical questions.
Spring, 2008, Circa Art Magazine, "The Case of the Midwife Toad... Conor McFeely", review.
2007, AICA, "No Borders Just News", essays on Nina Canell and Brendan Earley.
Winter, 2007, Circa Art Magazine, "Artist-writers, writer-artists: An anonymous vox pop".
2007-08, VAI website, "Info-Pool", I'm Thinking of Getting a Studio", additional text for "Art Handling".
2007, Pallas Heights PCP, "Vuumph Orality", catalogue essay on Vanessa O’Reilly.
2007, PILOT, "Vanessa O’Reilly", "PILOT:3", short text and selection.
April, 2007, VAI News Sheet, "A Network is Born", feature.
2006, mother's tankstation, "Mother's Annual", texts on Petri Ala-Maunus, "Mother's Ruin" and Ciarán Murphy.
Spring, 2006, Circa Art Magazine, "Confident but Self-Questioning - Scotland", feature.
Autumn, 2005, Circa Art Magazine, "Exhibiting in Dublin - Closed Shop, Open Door or Back Alley?", feature.
2005, Rubicon Gallery, "Passive Subversion", catalogue essay on Tom Molloy.
2005, George Moore Society, "Jingoism in the Decoy of Collecting", catalogue essay on Abigail O’Brien.
Summer, 2005, Contexts, "Models of Resistance Report", review.
2005, Source , "Noel Bowler", review.
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Spring, 2004, Circa, "Fabien Verschaere", review.
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Autumn, 2003, Circa, "Dan Shipsides", review.
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June, 2000, OutArt, "Things We Do", catalogue editor.
Spring, 2000, Circa Art Magazine, "Cologne", Germany, review.
Autumn, 1999, Circa Art Magazine, "SMAK, The Opening", Ghent, Belgium, review.
1998, Galway Arts Centre, "A Long Player of Many Parts", catalogue essay on Mike Fitzpatrick.
Autumn, 1997, Circa Art Magazine, "Skulptur Projekte in Munster", Germany, review.
Sept/Oct, 1997, SSI Newsletter, "Tomorrow is only a day away", interview with Liam Gillick.
July-Dec, 1995, Signal Magazine, Art editor for several reviews and articles.


2010, The Arts Council, Travel Award.
2008-09, The Arts Council, Visual Arts Bursary (multi-annual).
2007, The Arts Council, Visual Arts Bursary.
2007, Short-listed for the AIB Art Prize.
2006, The Arts Council, Visual Arts Bursary.
2004-05, The Arts Council, Travel Award.
2004-05, The Arts Council, Commissions Scheme (2005).
2003, The Arts Council, Projects Scheme (2004).
2003, The Arts Council, Exhibitions Assistance Scheme, No Respect .
2001, The Arts Council, Publications Grant.
1998, The Arts Council, Visual Arts Bursary.
1995, Arts for Greater Rochester, Special Opportunity Stipend.
1991-94, Fulbright Scholarship.
1991-94, RIT Graduate Scholarships and Assistantships, awarded quarterly.
1993, RIT Graduate Scholarship for "Best Show" of Winter Quarter Review.
1992, The Arts Council, Post-Graduate Scholarship.
1991-01, The Arts Council/Aer Lingus Art Flights.
1991, John F. Kennedy Fund Graduate Scholarship.


2010, URRA, residency Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007-08, Artist Residency Programme, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
2006, Belgrade Residency, organised by Sandra Grozdanic, funded by Culture Ireland.
2002-05, The Fire Station Artists' Studios, Residential Studio.
1997-98, Artist in Residence, Arthouse, Dublin.

Professional Memberships and Boards

VAI - Visual Artists Ireland - member.
a-n - Artists Network (UK) - member.
AICA - International Association of Art Critics - Hon. Treasurer, Irish Section.
Society of Archivists - member, Irish Branch.
RHA - Royal Hibernian Academy - Programming Board member.
Fire Station Artists' Studios - Board member.

Work Experience

2001-, Archivist, The Erasmus Smith Trust, Rathgar, Dublin.
2003-07, Partner, The Arts Projects Network, Dublin.
2003-06, Circa Art Magazine - Editorial Advisory Panel member
2003-04, Archivist, City Arts Centre, Dublin.
1998-00, Photography Archivist, National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin.
1996-97, Archivist and Assistant, James Coleman, Dublin.
1994-96, Registrar's Assistant, George Eastman House, Rochester, New York.


2008, External Examiner (Studio), Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin.
2004-08, External Examiner (Sculpture), Limerick College of Art and Design, Limerick.
2003-, Visiting artist lectures, day-visits and panel discussions include: NCAD, MA; IADT, MaVis; Sligo IT, BA; Burren College of Art, BA/MFA; GMIT, BA; Crawford School of Art, MA; Tulca, Galway; City Arts Centre, Civil Arts Inquiry; Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin; CREATE, Dublin and London, University of Ulster, Irish Museum of Modern Art, AICA Congress, Dublin, Chapter Arts Centre.
2000-03, Assistant Lecturer, GMIT, Cluain Mhuire, Galway.
1992-93, Teaching Assistant, RIT, Rochester, New York.


Alan Phelan's practice involves the production of objects, participatory projects, curating and writing. These all inform and contribute to an interest in the narrative potential surrounding an artwork. This can be exploited or explored from actual and historical events, ideas, things and places as well as their fictional counterparts.


The Arts Council of Ireland: http://www.artscouncil.ie

Embajada de Irlanda en Buenos Aires: http://www.embassyofireland.org.ar