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ARTISTAS PARTICIPANTES Séptima edición: del 1 al 31 de Octubre 2016, Buenos Aires
  PARTICIPANT ARTISTS   Seventh edition: from the 1st to the 31th of October 2016, Buenos Aires
ALEJANDRA PRIETO - Chile, vive en Santiago
AUGUSTO ZANELA - Argentina, Buenos Aires
BRUNO DUBNER - Argentina, Buenos Aires
FERNANDO SUCARI - Argentina, Buenos Aires
GIMENA MACRI - Argentina, Buenos Aires
GORDON DALTON - Wales, lives in Cardiff
LARRY MUÑOZ - Colombia, vive en Bogotá
LAURA ELDRET - United Kingdom, London
LIAT ELBLING - Israel, lives in Tel Aviv
MAXI ROSSINI - Argentina, vive en Rosario
NADAM GUERRA - Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
NATALIA LIPOVETZKY - Argentina,Tucumán
SARA ELIASSEN - Norway, lives in Oslo
ZOE DI RIENZO - Argentina, Buenos Aires


Middlesbrough, England, 1970
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales


MA Fine Art, University of Northumbria, Newcastle 97-99. 
BA(Hons) Fine Art, University of Wales, Cardiff 91-94.
ISEP exchange, Kansas State University, Kansas, USA 1993 .
Foundation, Cleveland College of Art & Design, Middlesbrough 1990.

Solo Exhibtions (selected 2007-2016)

Gordon Dalton, Trade Gallery, Nottingham (until 7 Oct).
Quiet Riots, Bay Art, Cardiff. 
We Care A Lot, Chapter, Cardiff. 
Beef To The Heel Like A Mullingar Heifer, The Last Gallery, Llangadog. 
The Idiot Convention, Motorcade Flashparade, Bristol .
Something has happened, nothing has changed, Supersaurus, Swansea .
Gorilla Lipstick, Bank Gallery, Los Angeles, USA .
When Life Gives You Lemons, Suplex Those Lemons, Keith Talent, London. 
Gorilla Lipstick, Marksman Gallery, Reading. 
Like a God, a good luck charm, or a vice, Bristol Diving School, Bristol. 
Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere (with Mark Gubb), Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. 
Battle of Forest Hills (with Mark Gubb), Moot Gallery, Nottingham.

Group Exhibtions (selected 2003-2016)

Contemporary British Painting Prize, Riverside Gallery, Richmond until 22 Oct then touring to Huddersfield.
Beep Wales Painting Prize, Swansea (then touring to Wrexham and Cardiff).
Del Infinito Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Oct 2016).
Y Lle Cef, National Eisteddfod of Wales, Abergavenny.
Exeter Contemporary Open 2015, Exeter Phoenix. 
Seven Painters, Arcade Cardiff, Cardiff .
Bankley Open, Bankley Gallery & Studios, Manchester .
Writhe & Jerk, Transition, London. 
Strange Business, SYSON, Nottingham. 
505050, SYSON, Nottingham. 
Change at Crewe, The Studio, Llandudno. 
Painted Thought, Arcade, Cardiff .
Without a middle there is no edge, Pluspace, Coventry .
Like A Monkey With A Miniature Cymbal, Aid & Abet, Cambridge .
What are they building down there?, Elysium Gallery, Swansea. 
Uncle Vern's Dog, Gallery North, Newcastle. 
The Man Don't Give A Fuck, Motorcade Flashparade, Bristol .
National Open, Motorcade Flash Parade, Brsitol .
Nothing Gold Can Stay, Angelika Gallery, High Wycombe .
AreWeNotDrawnOnwardToNewEra?, G39, Cardiff .
Panopti(con), Bank Art, Los Angeles, USA .
Oh show me your love, Galerie Skuc, Llubjiana, Slovenia .
This show is ribbed for your pleasure, Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York, USA. 
Flourish, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic .
Over & Over, Again & Again, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania .
Somebody People, The Dairy, Cardiff .
How The Light Gets In, The Globe, Hay-on-Wye .
Sci-Fi, MOT Gallery, London .
Among the living, Milton Keynes; ICA, London; MIMA, Middlesbrough; City Gallery, Leics .
Master of the Universe, Chapter Gallery, Cardiff. 
Spectator T, Art Sheffield 05 .
Things we lost in the fire, City Gallery, Leicester .
Black Light, Colony Gallery, Birmingham .
The thatness of wild, Bloc Gallery, Sheffield .
Star Radio, CBAT / National Museum of Wales, Cardiff .
Born under a bad sign, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh .
Gang hut, Spike Island, Bristol .
5+5, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland (with Tomoko Takahashi) .
Kiss Of A Lifetime, Vane, Newcastle/Bearspace, London. 
Sale, The Royal Standard, Liverpool .
Things we lost in the fire, City Gallery, Leicester Some vacant accomodation, Stroud Valley Artspace, Stroud .
Things we lost in the Fire, Transition Gallery, London .
Self Storage, Royal Academy of Art, London. 
Do Something, Floating IP, Manchester .
Shattered Love, Keith Talent Gallery, London .
Sympathy, Keith Talent Gallery, London / G39, Cardiff .
Chockerfuckingblocked, Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London .
Wild Horses, Alfred Camp Gallery, London .
We interrupt this programme, Changing Room, Stirling / Waygood, N'cstle. 
Fresh 3, Chapter Gallery/G39, Cardiff .
Silk Purse, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle .
VANE Export, Tenstha Konstall, Stockholm.
Strange, VANE, Newcastle .

Curated Projects

Loners Island, G39, Cardiff. 
Rotate, Contemporary Arts Society, London. 
Another new Babylon, CBAT / Public sites, Cardiff .
Things we lost in the fire, Transition Gallery, London.
Ain’t no love in the heart of the City, CBAT Gallery / Public sites, Cardiff 2004. 
Masters of the Universe, Chapter, Cardiff. 
We interrupt this programme, Changing Room, Stirling; Waygood Gallery, N’cstle .
Strange, VANE, Newcastle .

Exhibition Record (summary)

Creative Wales, Arts Council of Wales.
Curating Now Bursary, Irish Museum of Modern Art .
International Project Research, Wales Arts International .
Presenatation & Production, Arts Council of Wales .
Exhibitions & Projects Award, Scottish Art Council.
Exhibitions & Projects Award, Northern Arts .
Small Assistance Grant, Northern Arts. 
ISEP Exchange Award, ISEP.


2012-13 - Leverhulme Artist in Residence, University of Exeter in dialogue with Cultural Geographer Professor John Wylie.
2013 - In collaboration with Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow, Future memory in Red Road, performance/ installation.
2012 - Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow, 1000 Colours Blue, film/painting installation.
2012 - Swansea city centre in conjunction with BBC big Screens, choir performance, 1000 Colours Blue.
2011 - AHRC, Follow on Research Project Future Memory in Place, Beyond Text AHRC, lead artist with Dr Elena Isayev P.I. Exeter University.
2009 - AHRC, Beyond Text Research project De-placing Future Memory, lead artist with Shauna McMullen, Glasgow School of Art, and Dr Elena Isayev P.I. Exeter University.
2006-10 - Intimate Distance: A painter in Contemporary Landscape, PhD.
2006-7 - Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Mac Gallery Birmingham, The Travel Project.
2005-6 - In Transit, Arts Council of Wales funded- mobile studio project.
2001 - UK NY Arts Festival, New York, USA, with composer John Metcalf.
2000 - The Point Theatre Cardiff and The Grand Theatre Swansea, Transports/Performance, with composer John Metcalf and Canadian stage director Keith Turnbull.
1999 - Galeria Communale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea,Transports/Performance with composer John Metcalf.


URRA residency, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016.
Chapter Art Gallery, Cardiff 2007.
Epic Skate Park, Birmingham 2005.


Gordon Dalton’s recent paintings have a quiet melancholy that questions their intentions. An anxious contradiction is on show, with the work being self-conscious of what it is, its possible failings, yet it revels in a new found simplicity and relationships to landscape painting, finding an intimate beauty in both natural and post-industrial landscape.